Top Five Uses For A Garden Room

Aug 12, 2021 | Tips and Tricks

If there’s one thing we’ve all learnt from lockdown, it’s to make the most of the space you have at home. That’s why it’s so easy to see why garden rooms are being a popular choice for so many. They provide the perfect solution for those wanting to create that extra room, without actually having to renovate your home or the hassle of building an extension. Garden rooms aren’t only beautiful addition to your home, but the opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can use them for. If you’re stuck, the team of experts at Hippo Lodges, have put together our top five ideas for your garden home.

Office SpaceGarden Room Office

With working from home and flexible working both fast becoming the norm, there’s never been a better time to invest in some actual office space. While it might not seem like the most exciting option, it’s definitely a practical choice. Whether you find yourself working from home often, or simply need somewhere separate from the chaos of home, which you can shut off at the end of the day, then a garden room could make the ideal choice. In fact, research has shown that separating working and home space only increases productivity, while being surrounded by the outdoors at work is guaranteed to improve wellbeing too.

Your Own Gym

Forget travelling to the gym, when you can create your own bespoke workout space in your garden. Whether you’re seeking that serene space, perfect for your morning yoga routine, or yearn for a place to get your blood pumping during your daily spin sessions, your garden room can be tailored to suit your needs. Just imagine being able to create your very own, personalised gym area, within steps from your home.

A Guest Room

If you’re one for inviting family and friends into their home but don’t necessarily have the space for them to sleep, then a garden room provides an ideal alternative. It’s definitely a more attractive option than a living room sofa, right? Plus, if you have older family members visiting regularly, then you could think about including a toilet and living space area in the garden room, to give them that extra element of privacy.

You might even consider making a bit of extra money when you don’t have guests, by renting it out as a holiday letting, which is always a bonus.

Garden Room

Bar Garden RoomA Room For Entertaining

If you’re a social butterfly, then does it come any better than having your very own separate garden space, designed especially for entertaining? A garden room can be filled with whatever you fancy, including the likes of your very own bar, a pool table, a home cinema or a darts area – the options are endless.

Of course, this type of recreational space can be utilised by the entire family, not just when you’ve got friends over. If you have teenagers at home, this is the perfect way to earn some major parenting points, while creating a separate but safe space for your kids to spend time with their mates.

A Music Room

Have you got a budding rocker in your family? Perhaps you’ve got a keen drummer who needs their own space to practice? A garden room provides the ideal solution, especially if you’re struggling to find room for the equipment. Plus, with the opportunity to sound-proof the walls, it eliminates any chance of those musicians-in-the-making disturbing your neighbours.

We’ve listed just a few uses for your garden room but believe us, we’ve barely scratched the surface. If you’re considering a garden room for your home, then get in touch with the experts at Hippo Lodges and find out how together, we can make the most of your outdoor space.